Wheel of the year project = DONE! - Welcome to Witches Brew
Welcome to Witches Brew
The project that I had started a few months back is finally finished...thank Goddess! I can safely say I will not be doing another one of these...ever!!!!! Me, being the optimistic gal, figured I could complete this in a matter of weeks, not months....yea right. My attention for detail always puts a wrench in things I guess. Just when I am happy with it, I stand back and think, oh, i'll add this here, or that there. (sigh) My husband finally had to tell me no more, otherwise it will look to "busy".

Anyway, here it is, all 15 pounds of it. May not seem like much, but it is when you're going to hang it on a wall...hahahaha! Well I'll leave that problem to my dear hubby. hehehehe

5/14/2011 05:35:33 am

wow, and holy Goddess that is stunningly beautiful! What a wonderful project and beautiful finish!

5/16/2011 11:59:50 pm

Thank you Sherry! At about 17 lbs. it was a bugger to hang on my wall! LOL


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