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I have been absent as of late. Of course any one who knows me, knows I can be found in and/or around the garden. So far since the beginning of May, I have been toiling in the garden, getting it back into shape, since it's long winter's rest.

Oh, and what a job it was. Over a month and a half of work. Mind you I do have a 5 yr old to attend to, and house hold chores, such as the never ending stream of laundry, dishes, picking up after my lil tornado goes thru the house, cooking, etc. So I bide my time inbetween these things and the outside chores, and seem to get them all done it a resonable amount of time (I think?) LOL

I t perhaps is my own fault for having so much to do in spring, as I usually never cut anything down come fall. I always say I will, but never do. I use the ole, "oh I'll leave it for the birds to eat"....yeah right. The comes spring, and I am moaning and groaning of what I "should" have done.

Never the less, it's just maintenance from here on out, and hopefully in the fall, I will indeed follow thru with my plans to clean up the yard of  dead debri, so I dont have to do it the following spring.

I decided to snap a few pictures of the yard and garden so far this spring. It was rainy out this morn, and made everything seem a little greener, and I figured it would take some good pictures. Hope you enjoy.

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