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I really just can't say enough about Scott's books. I love each and every one that I have bought. In this book, lots of folk lore, and spells for your house hold. I love folklore, and love how some of the "sayings" from different cultures are very similar to the old wives tales past down from my grandparents and my husbands grandparents.

For example, my husband and I were discussing some of the things we grew up hearing. He told me that his grandmother told him if he seen a ghost in the house to slam the door 3 times, this way the ghost would get caught in the door and the frame and leave. Sure enough, it was in this book as well. Different saying, but the same principal.

Scott covers every aspect of the home. Plants, pets, and even the garage, anything associated with your home is in this book. Clearly written and easy to understand. He starts off the chapter with the folklore associated with that particular part of the house, i.e. "thresholds/doorways." gives a few spells in that chapter then moves onto the next. At the end of the book, and in the very last chapters, is where all the goodies lie. Spells and charms to protect your home and loved ones. A truly engaging book. A must have for every Kitchen Witch!

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