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Occasionally I will take a book from my library and review it. Each and every book I have purchased in the past is a useful tool in m everyday magical workings. I have flipped through many a page over the years. I have used most of them to further educate myself. Some for just plain good reading with a cup of chamomile tea, to pass the time.

Here is a book from my library and link to purchase it at Amazon.com - Titled :
Rosemary Gladstar's Family Herbal - A Guide to living life with energy, health, and vitality

A little about Rosemary Gladstar:
Since 1972, She has been sharing her knowledge, experience, and love of herbs as an educator, activist, and entrepreneur. She is the founder and president of the United Plant Savers, co- founder and director of Sage Mountain Herbal Retreat Center and Native Plant Preserve, director of the International Herb Symposium, co- director of the New England Women's Herbal Conference, founder and former director of the California School of Herbal Studies, and author f the best selling Herbal Healing for Women. Gladstar has also created her own line of herbal blends for Frontier Herbs.

When I first set out to find this book, I was on the search for a used one, that I purchased off of amazon.com. You can find gently used books on amazon, for half even 3/4 the price of new. They range (new) anywhere from 50.00 to 129.99. Since I bought mine used with slight wear I paid only 24.00 at that time. It had a few highlight marks from the previous owner but other than that, it was a great find.
I absolutely LOVE this book! It's very informative, educational, and thorough. I think it's safe to say that even for a beginner, it is well written and easy to follow. She outlines everything and gives detailed definitions.
For the beginner some herbal jive can be confusing, but not with this book, if you aren't sure what the word means, it is clearly defined, and why.
 There is a section for just about every stage of life from young children to teen,adult, and elderly. Also it focuses on some common ailments. Such as colds, flu, headaches, etc. and what herbs to treat.
More than once I have flipped through this book in an emergency, in search of her many herbal remedies when the cold and flu season hit around here. She even gives preventative tips. How to prevent ailments from happening or to lessen the chances. All in all, a great must have book to have around the house. This book sits either on my bedside table or in my kitchen where I can always have it on hand.

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