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Here is a spell that comes truly from the heart. I had used this spell when my Grandfather fell ill with pneumonia, then it progressed into everything else. As it always seems to go. His lungs kept filling up with fluid and the doctors had run a battery of tests, and tried every possible thing they could to find out why. The last resort was a special surgery we all knew he would not make it out of. Long story short, I got my things together and started.

I worked this spell long and hard. All the way until he was better and then some just to be sure. In the end, the doctors couldn't find out what was wrong, but he got better on his own, and was able to come home after a month stint in that hospital. He was thrilled and so was I. Was it my spell? I believe it helped my grandfather along, after all, belief and faith in everything you do, proves results. It worked for me, and got my gramps back home. I hope you can use this spell to help either yourself, or someone you love.

You will need:

a small piece of paper
a pencil
1 cinnamon stick
a picture of yourself or of the person you which to send healing energies to.
a cotton cloth ( I used a flour sack kitchen towel)
1 white tea light candle
eucalyptus essential oil
lighter or matches
any herbs associated with your/the person affliction,( i.e. my grandfather had lung issues, so my healing herbs of choice, mullein, plantain, red clover, rosemary)
and most importantly, your strength and healing energies!!!!!

let's begin:

Cast your circle for spell work, but it is not needed, (as sometimes we need to do healing spells immediately.)
Take the picture of you or the person you wish to send healing energy to, and wrap the picture in your peice of white cotton cloth. Like a blanket, wrapping them in soft comfort.
next take the small piece of paper and write your/the persons name on it ( in my case Grandpa Levi)
Take the cinnamon stick and wrap the piece of paper around it, more towards the back of the stick because you will burn a little bit of the end of the cinnamon stick.

Light the cinnamon stick, and let it smolder a bit. Cinnamon boosts immunity and also is a ritual incense, it also gives correct frame of mind when doing healing work, increase your concentration, clairvoyance, and is an all around magikal healing herb. Which is why i used it, in the beginning of this spell to set the tone.
Next place any of your healing herbs on the picture and under the white cotton "blanket" to assist in the healing.

Get your white tea light candle out, and before lighting it, add to the candle, a few drops of eucalyptus. (Eucalyptus is an all around healing herb. It cleanses, and purifies, not to mention helps with breathing clear!) Place the candle on the affected body part which needs healing. (my case, my grandfather had lung issues, so I placed it on his chest.
Next, with lighter in hand repeat this:

In the name of the Lord and Lady who breaths life into us all, (light the candle here) and say: I charge this candle as a magical tool for healing.

Then visualize you or the person you which to heal, being released of the pain, being released from the sickness that afflicts them or you. ( I visualized my grandfather, in his hospital bed, laying there sick, but slowly getting his energy back, laughing smiling, breathing easy, and I also pictured the sickness in his lungs pulling out of him, in a bluish haze, slowly floating away out the window into the air to be carried away from him. I took deep breathes, giving him my breath, helping him breath.

Visualize anything that will make your spell work for you!
The chant after you have a clear picture in your mind is as follows:

Magik mend, while this candle burns
Sickness will end and health return.
Wrap thee in cotton, bind thee with love.
Protection from pain, surrounds like a glove.
May the brightest of blessings, surround thee in light.
For thou art cared for, healing thoughts sent in flight.

Repeat chant 3 times.

then at the ending of the chant, end with: Harm to none, so mote it be.
Let the candle burn for 15 minutes. then blow out.
Repeat this spell for as long as you feel the need to, and then some, just to be sure.
I did this spell everyday, for a week and a half, for my grandpa.
Blessed be!

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